In Tact Groups

  • Bring Your Whole Group

    You must bring your whole group, or at least a majority of it. Minimum group size to qualify is 10 singers.

  • Invite Your Director

    Your director needs to come as well– and they get to come for FREE as our guests.

  • Plan With Our Team of Experts

    No matter where your group is, our staff will work with you before camp to clearly define your goals and ensure you achieve them while your group is here.

  • Spend A Week With The Best

    Learn from Deke Sharon, Brody McDonald, J.D. Frizzell, Tony Huerta, and others all day, every day of camp. The intact group program takes the place of our standard AcaMajors and Small Groups.

  • Get A Pro Level Performance Opportunity

    At the end of the week, your group will get to immediately put their newfound knowledge on display on our state-of-the-art sound and light system in front of the entire camp!

  • See and Be Seen

    By bringing your group to camp, you’ll become friends with some of the most prominent directors, producers, arrangers, and influencers in a cappella. Add that to our comprehensive “Video and Social Media” AcaMajor and you’re set up for maximum visibility next year.

  • Leave Transformed

    A focused week of our intact group program at Camp is the equivalent of 1-3 months of rehearsal for most ensembles!

Trusted By These Top Groups




You CAN Afford To Go To Camp!

Here's How Others Have Raised The Funds

  • Booster Club

    Do you have a booster club? See if they will contribute some funding towards camp!

  • Product Sale Fundraisers

    You know, things like those boxes of candy, the calendars, coupon books, etc.

  • Crowdfunding Campaign

    Use GoFundMe to build support from friends and family around the world. Need help? Don’t worry– our experienced marketing team will help you create and manage your crowdfunding campaign so it is successful!

  • Benefit Concert

    Host a benefit concert to help raise money for camp. 500 people attending a $20 per ticket concert is $10,000!

  • Odd Jobs

    A few lawns mowed or nights of babysitting will cover a monthly camp installment payment.

We only have room for 10 groups in this special program-- claim your spot before they are all gone!