In Tact Groups

Already have an a cappella group?  How does having them work for a week with the top instructors in the industry sound?  Here’s how it works:

  • Connector.

    Bring Your Whole Group

    You must bring your whole group, or at least a majority of it. Minimum group size to qualify is 12 singers.

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    Invite Your Director

    Your director needs to come as well– and they get to come for FREE as our guests.

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    Be Prepared

    You need to have at least one song learned and memorized. We’ll transform that into another level of aca-awesome!

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    Enjoy All The Benefits Of Camp

    You’ll still get to participate in a small group with students from around the country. Your in-tact group will meet during one of your AcaMajor slots each day.

To register as an in-tact group or ask us questions, contact us through the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner. →