Frequently Asked Questions

What is the camp schedule?

Every day is slightly different, but here is the basic schedule outline.

When Should I Arrive and Leave?

If you’re driving, please arrive by 4 PM.  For departure, you’ll be done by either noon or 3 PM, depending on your concert time.  Information on flying is in the next section.  

Can I Fly to Camp?

Absolutely! Last year we had attendees from as far away as Hong Kong, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Canada. If you’re flying in we can pick you up from the airport on the first day and drop you off when we’re done (surcharge of $50 for DAY and $75 for CVG, much less expensive than a cab or airport shuttle, and it’s door to door). The airport to choose is Dayton International (code DAY) or Cincinnati (CVG) .

When planning your arrival flights, please schedule your flight to arrive between 11 AM and 4 PM at either CVG or DAY.

When planning your departure flights, please schedule your departure for 4 PM or later for DAY and 5 PM or later for CVG.

As camp approaches, our travel team will reach out to you to ensure a smooth pickup at the airport.

How Is The Price So Low?

We don’t view Camp A Cappella as a for-profit business. We’re happy if we break even. We view it as an opportunity to bring together singers and educators in hopes of making the world a more harmonious place. We also have a great partner in Wright State University, where the School of Music is one of the first in America to include contemporary a cappella in its curriculum.

How Does the Housing Work?

Campers will be housed in double rooms. Males and females are placed in separate wings of the dorm. Staff lives on each floor. The bathrooms are communal, but the showers are private rooms with lockable doors. Imagine several small closets in a row – each shower having its own entrance from the hallway. Campers will be paired up by age range. Campers also have the option to request a roommate. We’ll do all we can, but of course can make no guarantees.

Teen campers will be housed in one dorm with our counselor staff. Adult campers and educators will be in a separate dorm. Single rooms are an option as an add-on for purchase (as available).

Will I Need To Prepare Anything Before Camp?

We’ll send sheet music for the ensemble numbers so you can get a head start (gives us a chance to spend less time plunking notes, more time crafting), but that’s all. Everything else will happen on site, no pre-homework necessary (if you don’t get a chance to work on the ensemble songs it’s not a problem; others will and it will speed things up considerably).

Do I Need To Bring A Sleeping Bag Or Sheets?

Nope. We provide sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, and washcloth, and you’ll be sleeping in college dorm rooms (there’s no camping or tents at Camp A Cappella). Just make sure you pack clothing (!) and any games you’d like to play For a full list of what you need to bring, click here.

Isn’t This Just A Kids Camp?

No way– Camp A Cappella is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world! That means we have specialized tracks for different ages.

Middle schoolers are in groups with middle schoolers.  College campers sing and room with other college campers. Adults are housed in a separate dorm and have their own groups.  You get the idea– Everyone sings, everyone has a blast, everyone’s with those their age!

I’ve Paid My Deposit—Where Do I Pay My Balance?

You can pay your balance by logging into your camp account.

What Do I Need To Pack?

Please see the official packing list.

What Do We Wear?

This is a casual, fun camp. Any clothing that would pass a high school decency code is permitted. Please keep in mind that while it is Summer, most of the day is spent indoors, so you can choose how to navigate the A/C vs. outside temperatures. For the final performance, all campers should bring black pants (slacks or jeans) or skirt, with a black collared shirt or top and black shoes. Sneakers/running shoes are good overall to practice choreography. You can see our packing list HERE.