Apply For A Scholarship

  • Register For Camp

    Register for camp and pay the $150 deposit. You must do this step before being considered for a scholarship (Don’t worry– you can raise that deposit money back in Step 2).

  • Apply for the Scholarship Fund

    Follow the instructions below to apply for the scholarship fund.

  • Create a GoFundMe Page

    This will help you gather support from your friends and family. It’s free and easy to use.

Scholarships are still open and being awarded on a rolling basis.  You'll be informed within 3 days of registering and applying whether or not you are receiving a scholarship.

Campers who are selected for a scholarship will get $120 off camp, plus all of the money you raise through your GoFundMe.  Campers have raised up to $1,000 through their GoFundMe campaigns!  Here's our guide to help you.

Here are a few examples of previous camper GoFundMe campaigns:
Alex Adkins raised $880

Jordan Kendrick raised $560

Lyrit raised $400

Have more questions?  Send us an e-mail!